Science Courses

Physical Science

Lab Fee $8.00, Required for 9th grade.

Physical Science is a study of the physical systems, principals, and physical interactions that govern our natural world. Students will learn basic science skills and the important role that science and technology play in our society. In addition, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the properties and structure of matter, diffreent materials, chemical reactions, and the conservation of matter. Students will better understand the nature of conservation, and transfer of energy, mortion and forces affecting motion; the nature of waves, and the interaction between matter and energy. In addition, hustorical perspectives, scientific methods, and emerging physical science issues will be discussed.

Biology I

Lab Fee $8.00

This is the biological componet of the life science strand required by the Ohio Academic Content Standards. Students will have an opportunity to examine basic biological principles and the interrelationships of the biological and physical enviroments. This course follows the pattern of the levels of organization beginning with biochemistry and including an introduction to characteristics of life, energy, change over time, patterns of change in biodiversity, scale and structure from molecular to global, systems and interactions including predation and symbiosis, unity and diversity, as well as, homeostasis. Students will be engaged in hands-on labs and microscope work. Biology I is a prerequisite for Biology II, as well as, Anatomy and Physiology.

Biology II

This course is a continuation of the biological component of the life science strand required by the Ohio Academic Content Standards. This course is designed to be an advanced study of evolution, microorganisms, fungi, plants, invertebrates and chordates. Emphasis is placed on cellular structure and function, and higher levels of organization are learned for the understanding of how animals and plants are capable of carrying out life processes. Students should gain insights of how taxonomic schemes are used and how they are designed to show evolutionary differences and similarities for the large diversity of animals. The laboratory approach centers on the comparative anatomy of vertebrates, which is reinforced though dissections.


Prerequisite-Algebra I, Biology I and Physical Science | Lab Fee $8.00

Chemistry is a laboratory course designed to emphasize the role it plays in our environment and society. Topics may include formulas and equations, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, atomic theory, the gas laws, solutions, acids and bases, chemical kinetics, and organic chemistry. Completion of Algebra I with a “C” or better is a prerequisite.

Anatomy and Physiology

This course is a continuance of the biological component of the life science strand required by the Ohio Academic Content Standards. Anatomy & Physiology is a more in-depth study where the student applies basic principles gained from Biology I. Study is specifically focused on the human body.


Physics is the study of the forces of nature and how they affect the matter in the universe. Topics may include mechanics, circular motion, heat, optics, electricity, magnetism, and relativity. Completion of Algebra II with a "C" or better is a prerequisite.
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