Business Courses

Personal Finance

This course gives students the opportunity to explore topics such as: budgeting, personal banking including checking, debit, credit cards, and loans. Students learn aspects of loans such as interest and repayment. This course is designed to prepare students for life beyond high school.

Computer Applications

Designed to introduce students to the software program Microsoft Office. Students will learn word processing, spreadsheets, graphic presentations, terminology and clipart. This class provides students with practical job training skill

Web Design

Students will learn HTML programming to create web pages. They will learn to manipulate and enhance photographs as well as add filters and effects to graphics they create. They will learn to create buttons, rollovers, animations and slices, and optimize images for the web. Students will utilize what they have learned to create and update web pages for the school web site.

Webmasters (Web Design)

This class is an option to those students who have successfully completed Web Design and are now interested in working on the Northwest Local School District Website. This class requires teacher recommedation and letter of interest. Also by permission only.
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