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Edgewood Nursing Home Visit

On December 4th, 13 members of Northwest FCCLA showed up around 6:45 pm at Edgewood Manor. The Bear Creek Methodist church invited members to go spend the evening with the residents there. We had the opportunity to socialize with the residents and do activities such as singing and Christmas crafts. We carried in gifts, food, and other items from the church after we donned our santa hats for the holiday spirit.

  When we entered the place we were taken to the dining hall and started setting up. Within a few minutes people started coming in and members passed out gifts and refreshments from the church. A church service was held to tell the story of Jesus and why we have gifts and a tree, as well as why we celebrate his birth. There were prayer requests for their friends and family that were either in the hospital or going through very hard times.  In the sadness, you could feel the love and support. 

It was overall a great and memorable experience to be able to go and spend time with  people in our community. Students were talking about it for several days. They shared how much they enjoyed the people they met and talked to. FCCLA wants to work with the nursing home again in the future. Our visit did good for both the young students as well as the residents. The church members and staff also appreciated the young people who took the time to spend an evening with them.



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