NLSD Security
With the school safety issues locally and around the country, the administration of the NLSD would like to
take an opportunity to inform you of current and future safety efforts to ensure your student attends a safe
and secure learning environment.
Previous Planning
NHS is a designated Red Cross shelter in the event of a district and/or local emergency.
All four safety plans (1 district & 3 building) are updated annually and submitted online to Ohio
Dept. of Ed. & Homeland Security.
Tabletop exercise with local law enforcement and Scioto EMA in August to review & refine safety
Magnetic safety latch devices were ordered and installed in all classrooms.
MARCS radio systems have been installed in all buildings. MARCS radios are connected to local
law enforcement as well as connected to all area schools.
Doorbells have been installed at all outside kitchen doors.
Staff key fob response times to open doors have been shortened to three seconds.
All visitors are required to wear visitor badges.
All camera systems have been upgraded in the district totaling over 300.
Extra staffing at all entry doors.
NES conducted school safety drills with local law enforcement on March 2nd.
All NLSD secretaries and administrators are connected via Motorola two-way radios—building
and district wide.
Staggered bus drop offs in the mornings.
The bus compound gates will be closed unless buses are entering/leaving.
A school administrator is FEMA Incident Command trained.
A text and/or call hotline number will be listed on NLSD website.
Counselors from Hope Source are being utilized for individual counseling.
Future Planning
District-wide emergency drill planned for May (lockdown procedures) with all first responders.
Administration will be attending active shooter/school emergency training with law enforcement to
help refine safety/lockdown procedures.
New drop-off and pick-up procedures at NES.
School emergency training for all staff.
Purchase of additional door barricade devices.
Specific times will be posted for all buildings for morning drop-off purposes.
If you wish to visit any NLSD personnel, please call ahead for an appointment.
Please keep in mind school safety is the responsibility of everyone in our learning community. If you
become aware of a school safety threat, please notify law enforcement immediately. Likewise you are
encouraged to monitor your child’s social media and internet usage. Any information you share with law
enforcement and/or the district will help us in preventing school emergencies.
Todd Jenkins
Superintendent of Northwest Local Schools
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