School Motto

Respect and Responsibility

Show Respect For:
  • All teachers and other adults in our school.
  • All bus drivers.
  • All parents and visitors to our school.
  • All students.
  • All school property.
  • All students' property.
  • All textbooks and library books.
  • All school grounds.
Take Responsibility For:
  • Being present every day.
  • Being on time.
  • Turning in all assignments.
  • Bringing all books and materials to class.
  • Returning all library materials.
  • Doing your own work and studying for tests.
  • Turning in all notes and permission slips.
  • Obeying all of the school and bus rules as stated in the handbook.
  • Paying all fees on time.
  • Taking care or our school building.
Results Received:
  • Praise and good behavior rewards.
  • Positive reports to parents.
  • A good feeling about yourself and your accomplishments.
  • Improvement in your grades.
  • Better relationships with your parents, friends, your teachers and NES staff.
  • No detentions or loss of privileges.
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