Spring Break observance

 There will be no food pickup or delivery on Monday, April 13, 2020 and instead will be moved to Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

School Administration
Board of Education

Jarred Lute

Jason Taylor

Dana Jenkins

Michael Adkins

Andy Lintz

Julie Smith


Northwest Local School District Administrative Office
800 Mohawk Drive, McDermott, OH 45652
Telephone: (740) 259-5558  or Transportation: (740) 259-8565  Fax: (740) 259-3476

Mr. Todd Jenkins

Mrs. Terri Freeman
Assistant Superintendent

N o r t h w e s t  H i g h  S c h o o l
914 Mohawk Drive
McDermott, OH 45652
Telephone: (740) 259-2366   Fax: (740) 259-8544
Evening Custodian: (606) 932-7000

Mr. R. Jason Burton
NHS Principal

Mr. Mike Armstrong
NHS Asst. Principal

N o r t h w e s t  M i d d l e  S c h o o l
692 Mohawk Drive
McDermott, OH 45652
Telephone: (740) 259-2528  Fax: (740) 259-5731
Mr. Todd Shoemaker
NMS Principal
N o r t h w e s t  E l e m e n t a r y  S c h o o l
4738 Henley Deemer Road
McDermott, OH 45652
Telephone: (740) 259-2250  Fax: (740) 259-2337
Evening Custodian: (606) 932-5000

Mr. B. Scott Martin
Principal, Grades K-2

Mr. Gregory M. Tipton
Principal, Grades 3-5

Support Services

Mrs. Deana Payton
School Psychologist

Mrs. Terri Freeman
Curriculum & Special Education

Ms. Sharon L. Conley
Executive Assistant/Transportation Coordinator

Mrs. Jeannine Shelpman
EMIS Coordinator

Mr. Larry Patrick
Technology Coordinator

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